Learn to Laser Cut Wood, Plastics, Papers, and Textiles at a Workshop in AS220 Shop. Also, Discover How to Use a Vinyl Cutter for Stickers and Signs!

2023-03-28 17:15:06 By : Mr. Sam Zheng
If you're looking to expand your skillset in laser cutting, then the AS220 Shop has got you covered! Their upcoming workshop will provide you with the opportunity to obtain certification in laser-cutting various materials such as wood, plastics, papers, and textiles on the Epilog Mini. Additionally, you'll also learn how to use the vinyl cutter to create stickers and signs.

Taking place on November 20th and 27th, between 1-4pm, this class will focus on the basics of using the laser and vinyl cutter machines safely, as well as techniques for working with different materials. You'll also be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to operate the machines effectively.
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Attaining certification in laser cutting can open up a world of opportunities, allowing you to explore new and exciting projects. Whether it's creating intricate patterns or designs on various materials, or producing custom-made signage for personal or commercial use, laser cutting is a highly versatile skill.

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Overall, participating in the AS220 Shop's laser cutting workshop will not only enhance your skillset but also provide you with the necessary tools to bring your creative projects to life. So why not sign up and start exploring the endless possibilities of laser cutting?